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Dr Garima Gaurav Agarwal

Homeopathy Consultation Dr Garima Asati has been practicing Homeopathy since 2014. She has a flourishing practice in Gulabara chhindwara, madhya pradesh. She has also received Dr. Malati Allen Noble Award for securing 1st position in Final B.H.M.S. She has also received Merit Award from Dr. Willmar Schwabe India Pvt. Ltd. with more than seven years of clinical practice and patient management She also has worked as a teacher in the esteemed institute of, Indian Institute, Jabalpur. She is a Gold Medalist from RDVV, Jabalpur and has received “Certificate of Excellence” from Anushree Homoeopathic College for First Position in the University and also stood Second in N.A.H.I. course. She has also completed SCPH and SCPH Plus modules under renowned Homeopath Dr Prafull Vijaykar and also successfully completed N.A.H.I course from Nagpur under Dr Kasim Chmithanawala. She is also a moderator in curofy. Her lectures on Homeopathy are live on UDEMY and she is also an Instructor in e-institute and proctur. She has received certificate of appreciation for her presentation of case via curofy too.  

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Educational Qualifications

  • N.A.H.I.
  • B. H. M. S – Gold Medalist
  • SCPH
  • SCPH Plus


genetic mutational cases like mutism, deaf dumb, congenital issues, mental disorders like mentally retarded, cerebral palsy, depression, schizophrenia, bipolar, autism, ADHD, female complaints- like luecorrhoea, pcod, infertility, amenorrheoa, fibroids, fibroadenoma, bleeding disorders. male complaints like azoospermia, premature ejaculation, joint complaints like cervical spondylitis , slip disc, rhuematoid arthrits ,gout, osteoarthritis. respiratory issues like- bronchitis, asthma, pneumonia,TB. Kidney issues, gatrointetinal issues like IBD, peptic ulcer, duodenal ulcer, fatty liver. hormonal disorders- thyroid, skin diseases like ringworm , psoriasis, eczema. other diseases like- hypertension, diabetes, tumour, cyst, lipoma. hair loss treatment, bell’s palsy, paralysis heart issues eyes problem like cataract, glaucoma, squint, ptosis, nose issues- sinusitis, nasal polyp ear issues like – otorrhea, otitis media.